Friday, 29 January 2010

Silvio Berlusconi

Rooting through my mac, I found found my complex character from the first year of my university course.  
The design is rife with hidden schema and semiotics. You are initially meet with the puppet master (Silvio) who is wielding obscure puppet, it looks like Pinocchio (obviously famed for his lying), but is in fact Mr Berlusconi. To the left of the puppet master you see Berlusconi's rather unique hair line, under which you see a tally of women. As his hair-loss set in, his success with the ladies became tarnished, So the vein Prime Minister had a hair translate all of a sudden he has lots of women. His vanity has also restored you can see this as Silvio the puppet master, grooming his hair.
   The map of Italy shows the Prime Ministers ownership of a majority of the country's media, there-for giving him and his political party 'Fonza Italia' a huge advantage when it comes to the polls.
   The smaller street map shows that the man has a huge wealth tied up in property. The text is just a few court cases that have been brought against Berlusconi during his time in power.
   Finally to finish Silvio has signed it off and holds his hand up to everything he has done.